Angelcare Digital Baby Movement & Sound Monitor

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The Angelcare Movement & Sound Monitor can help to give you reassurance whilst your little one is asleep. The SensorPad monitors your baby's slightest movements and will sound an alarm if no movement has been detected for 20 seconds. It has plenty of other features too: optimal sound quality, full colour LCD digital display, portable and rechargeable parent unit, continuous or sound activated transmission and all the alarm functions you can think of. Angelcare was the first company worldwide to introduce the SensorPad technology. The technology has been taken from the medical sector and adapted and improved for home usage. The SensorPad is placed under the mattress and monitors baby's slightest movements. An alarm will sound after 20 seconds if no movement is detected. The SensorPad is suitable for most types of mattresses (except memory foam). One SensorPad is sufficient for each bed type and size (see instructions for correct placement). Customers should be aware that this monitor is specifically designed for the UK and the warranty will become invalid if shipped abroad.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Features and Benefits:

  • The SensorPad monitors the baby's slightest movements and will sound an alarm if after 20 seconds no movement has been detected. The sensitivity is adjustable to accommodate different types of mattresses
  • Fully rechargeable and portable Parent Unit (rechargeable batteries and charging cradle are included)
  • There are 8 (manually selectable) channels to avoid interference and secure transmission
  • Two frequencies (2.4GHz and 864MHz) to ensure optimal clarity and no interference from external sources
  • The AC401 can also be used as a Sound Only baby monitor, without the SensorPad
  • Choice between sound activated and continuous sound transmission
  • Various alarm options, including 'tic' function that gives a discreet sound if movement is detected, giving additional peace of mind
  • Full colour digital LCD display on Parent Unit, showing the temperature in baby's room
  • Other features: Night light, out of range indicator, low battery indicator, vibrating alert, integrated belt clip, temperature alarm