BeSafe Izi Combi X4 Isofix Black Cab

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  1. Double-EPS side impact protection (SIP) for the head and neck

  2. Head support and shoulder belts can be adjusted to their correct height with 1 operation in 8 positions

  3. Magnets keep the internal harness out of the way

  4. Adjustable to 4 sitting or sleeping positions

  5. Anti-rotation front brace protects your child from rear impact

  6. ISOfix arms can be adjusted in and out in steps to give more leg room as the child gets bigger

  7. Integrated floor support



Product Description

  • Group 0+1
  • Childs weight 0-18kg (approximately birth to 4 years) Please note however we recommend that this seat should only be used from approximately 6 months.
  • ISOfix fitings
  • Rearward or Forward facing
  • 4 Reclining positions
  • Washable covers

There is also a car fiting list which is to be used as a guide only. Please click here to view.

New knowledge tells that all children under 3 years old should travel rearfacing. Crash studies done by ADAC and the International Consumer Organization, ICRT Show 5 times higher risk for severe injury in the neck of children by forward- facing seats compared with rearfacing seats. Practical experience from Scandinavia also points out that the seatshell will protect the child from being injured from smashing into front seats or other fragments. Furthermore there will not be any injuries due to belt intrusion in the child´s body.

Studies from really life accidents done by Volvo show that rearfacing seats are 5 times safer than forwardfacing seats.

NEW UPGRADE - Just Compact!

Sliding ISOfix arms

The ISOfix arm length can be adjusted in steps. This unique innovation from BeSafe means you can adjust the seat the way you want to use the space in the car! 

Adjustable space in the car

The car seat can be made more compact in the car when the child is small, which gives more space for the adults too. As the child gets bigger, the seat can be adjusted and give more leg room as necessary. 

Easy installation

BeSafe iZi Combi X4 ISOfix can easily be “clicked” onto the ISOfix in your car. With a simple single, drop-down leg support and adjustable front brace the seat can be installed in seconds!

Rear-facing 5 X Safer

Both the Road Traffic Safety organizations and BeSafe recommend that children should sit in a rear-facing position for as long as possible and preferably up until 4 years old. Sitting facing the rear is 5 times safer for children in this age group. Unfortunately many people turn their children round far too soon and one of the reasons for this is that rear-facing child car seats tend to take up more space in the car. Our ‘adult’ ideas about having limited space in the car and limited space for passengers are used as a reason for why children are turned round too soon. At BeSafe we have taken this problem seriously and we have found a great solution: with our unique, adjustable ISOfix arms, the BeSafe iZi Combi X4 ISOfix can be fitted right up against the back of the rear seat when the child is small, something which can provide you with as much as an extra 10cm of space for the front seats - and then the seat can be moved out as the child grows. In this way children can sit in the safest way for as long as possible.

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