Bright Starts

Bright Starts™ puts fun first! Our smart, fresh solutions for parents and their babies deliver convenience, value, and FUN throughout each day. With a growing portfolio of over 100 innovative activity centers, play gyms, bouncers and toys, Bright Starts products guarantee a good time – for babies AND their parents. Backed by awards from numerous leading industry and consumer organizations, Bright Starts products are infused with the perfect combination of clever and engaging features, and are designed to spark smiles and laughter while developing your baby. Start the fun with Bright Starts! These brands are brought to the market by At Kids II who take pride in their entrepreneurial spirit and long history of innovation. From the simple idea that started their company to the full line of baby toys and gear that they boast today, they’ve been coming up with big ideas for little people for over 40 years. And, most importantly, they’ve put those ideas into motion and into the hands of mums and dads who deserve the very best for their children. They’re committed to upholding their tradition of pioneering thought and products, always believing there’s a new way to make babies smile just waiting to be invented. And that even timeless favorites can be improved. They have the opportunity to enhance the daily lives of millions of families around the world and they’re determined to make the most of it. After all, their employees have over 250 kids of their own!