Bugaboo Fox

At home or on the go, the Bugaboo Fox is designed to fit your lifestyle. Going about your day, shopping, traveling and exploring the outdoors have never been easier thanks to the smoothest ride, the lightest push and our best driving performance yet.

The Fox is made up of 6 components which you choose to create your own unique pushchair. We calculate there are 7800 (we stand to be corrected).
Box 1. Base unit with chassis, wheels, seat and bassinet frames (inc rain covers) - (2 options Alu or Black)
Box 2. Seat fabrics (5 colour options)
Box 3. Extendable sun canopy (13 colour options) 
Box 4. Grips for handle and bumper bar (3 colour options)
Box 5. Wheel caps (4 colour options)
Box 6 Bassinet fabrics (5 coluour options)

Box 1 (Alu or Black Base)

Alu Core Chassis Black Premium chassis
Alu chassis Black Chassis

Box 2 Seat Fabrics (Black, Green Melange, Grey Melange, Blue Melange and Red Melange)

Box 3 Extendable Sun Canopy (Fresh White, Green Melange, Black, Sky Blue, Soft Pink, Ruby Red, Neon Red, Sunrise Yellow, Grey Melange, Blue Melange, Red Melange, Birds, Waves.

Box 4 Grips (Black, Dark Brown, Cognac)

Box 5 Wheel Caps (White, Dark Red, Glossy Black, Wood)

Box 6 Bassinet Fabric (Black, Green Melange, Grey Melange, Blue Melange, Red Melange)

the smoothest, most stable ride on all surfaces

Advanced all-wheel suspension and big tires give a stable, steady ride on any surface; whether it’s a city sidewalk or a bumpy trail.
Bugaboo Fox

ultimate comfort for child

Our best drive performance yet and new central joint suspension means a smooth, bump-free ride for your child. Plus, the carrycot and seat have been ergonomically designed to make the pushchair even more comfortable.
Bugaboo Fox with bassinet

lightest push – no effort, just go

When you’re behind the pushchair, pushing and steering feels effortless. Navigating corners, busy streets and tight spaces becomes a breeze; it’s like power steering for your pushchair.
Bugaboo Fox