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Joie i-Base Advance


Meet i-Base Advance. A sturdy anchor for Joie infant seats and the i-Anchor Advance child seat. Designed for more protection and even more peace of mind.


i-Size flexibility - Part of the i-Size Safe System - the i-Base Advance utilising ISOFIX for a rock solid installation, provides quick and instant install for the Joie i-Anchor Advance i-Size seat, Joie i-Gemm i-Size infant seat.


On-the-Go Recline - Ready for the cosiest ride with a total of 7 recline positions, the i-Base Advance allows the seat to recline on-the-go without reinstalling — whenever you or your little rider wishes.


Dual Shock Absorption - Two independent areas of shock absorption are found in the base of the support leg along with indentations lining the entire length of the support leg – all engineered to cushion and minimise the impact of a crash and further protect little riders.


Watch me install at askforisize.com



  • i-Size (ECE R129/00) Accepts i-Gemm™ infant seat and i-Anchor Advance® child seat (forward & rear facing)
  • Built in rebound bar
  • Adjustable retracting ISOFIX connectors for the perfect fit
  • One hand, 7-position recline for a cosy ride from newborn on
  • On-the-go recline adjusts without reinstalling
  • Secure installation using the vehicle’s ISOFIX and support leg
  • Support leg provides ultimate stability, security and easily adjusts for the best fit
  • Colour indicators confirm correct installation of base, support leg and child seat to base
  • Support leg stores tidily under base when not in use
  • Easy seat release buttons
  • Quick and easy car seat release button


Product Usage: i-Size (ECE R129/00) - Accepts i-Gemm™ infant seat and i-Anchor Advance® child seat.

Dimensions: L56.8 x W55 x H39.4

Weight: 7.96kg