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KORE PRO ECE R129 (i-Size) 100 to 135cm (approx. 3 1/2 to 12 years). Installation: ISOFIX

The new Maxi Cosi Kore Pro i-Size car seat lets children buckle their seat belts all by themselves thanks to the ClickAssist light! Complying with the latest i-Size regulation and equipped with the Side Protection System Plus (SPS Plus), it also offers the best safety.

Kore Pro i-Size is equipped with the ClickAssist light, an innovative feature that makes the buckle up area visible in all circumstances, even by night!

  • Children can buckle up all by themselves!
  • Kore Pro i-Size detects when your child is sitting on it.
  • The ClickAssist light illuminates the buckle up area to make it easy to click the buckle and the safety belt together at any time.

Maxi Cosi Kore Pro light

Superior Side Protection


Maxi-Cosi was the first car seat manufacturer to launch an i-Size car seat, the latest and highest safety standards. Kore Pro i-Size completes Maxi-Cosi's range of i-Size car seats and offers the best safety to your child.

  • Swift and secure installation in the car
  • Meets the latest i-Size safety standards for child car seats, which means for example; reinforced side protection, stricter crash testing for even more realistic results and fitting requirements for all i-Size vehicles.
  • Equipped with the Side Protection System Plus (SPS Plus), which consists of glass fibre shock absorbers in the side wings combined with energy absorbing material.

Kore Pro side impact protection

Comfort and design in one


Kore Pro i-Size uses premium fabrics with cooling properties.

  • Soft fabrics and extra padding to offer the best comfort
  • Fabrics made from bamboo to allow your child to cool down when it’s warm
  • Colors and detailed stitching create a modern design for the interior of cars today.

Kore Pro child comfort

Grows with your child


Kore Pro i-Size grows with your child. Our state-of-the-art design makes the car ride fun, safe, and comfortable for your child at all times.

  • Suitable for children measuring between 100 and 150 cm.
  • Expands in both height and width to create more space and comfort.
  • Ensures a comfortable position for your child at all times.

Kore p[ro grows with your child