Diono - Stroller Cup Holder

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Diono - Stroller Cup Holder

Product Description


Easily add a cup holder to your pushchair for drinks on the go. The self-adjusting cup holder swings freely with gravity to keep drinks upright. The universal stroller clamp works with most pushchairs, attaches easily and may even remain attached with the pushchair is folder.

Attach the Clamp to the Stroller:
1. Wrap attachment strap around stroller tube where you want cup 
holder to be positioned.
2. Feed strap through open slot on attachment piece.
3. Pull strap to tighten and secure hook and loop.
4. Attach cup holder by sliding snap lock over disc on attachment piece. 
Press down firmly until secure.
5. To remove, press tab on bottom of snap lock and slide cup holder up 
until removed.
6. Remove attachment piece by unfastening hook and loop strap and 
removing from stroller tube

Additional Information

Additional Information
Specs Dimensions 15.9 cm x 10.6 cm x 10.6 cm Weight: 0.07 KG