Tyre Maintenance

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Got an air tyre buggy then here we have all the things you need to keep you rolling.

Prolong the life of your Pram

Just like a car your Pram/Buggy needs maintaining to make sure that everything is working smoothly.

  • Every 3 months or so you need to remove the fabric covers or protect them.                                                                                                  
  • Wash down the chassis using a hosepipe or showerhead to remove all the mud, grit and dust etc especially from the wheels and joints.
  • Dry the unit which can be done with a hair dryer for quickness
  • Spray the joints, runners and wheels etc with silicone spray, making sure you cover all major-moving parts.
  • Open and close the unit, wheel it round and operate the brakes etc insuring that the silicone gets into these areas thoroughly
  • Wipe off any excess spray and replace covers.