Car Seats

Car seats are categorised by groups as follows:-

Group 0: Rear facing - Suitable from Birth-10Kgs (22lbs) (Birth to about 9 Months)
Group 0+: Rear facing - Suitable from Birth-13Kgs (29lbs) (Birth to about 12-15 Months)
Group 1: Forward facing - Suitable from 9kgs-18Kgs (20lbs-40lbs) (About 9 months to about 4 years)
Group 2: Forward facing - Suitable from 15kgs-25Kgs (33lbs-55lbs) (About 3-6 years)
Group 3: Forward facing booster Seat - Suitable from 22kgs-35Kgs (48lbs-76lbs) (About 6-11 years)

(Note if your child is under 135cm then the correct child restraint should be used as per the table above).

Note: From May 2008 all child car seats must comply with the UN ECE44.03 standard (or subsequent versions such as 44.04). All our car seats meet or exceed this requirement.

Please see here for information from Department of Transport website.

Choosing the right car seat is one of the most important decisions you'll make. It can be a bit daunting, particularly when buying the first one, needed to take your baby home from the hospital/ for your first trip out. But even later on there seem to be a bewildering array of choices and a huge range in prices - so it's worth working out what's important to you. We strongly recommend that you vist our showroom and check that the car seat fits into all the cars the seat will be used in.